Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants must be aged 29 years and above.
  • Every team must have a roster of between 16-20 players.
  • Only a 16 player roster will be allowed to participate in the Anchor International Champions Trophy.
  • Teams must have a Captain, Vice Captain and Team Manager.
Only those with no prior professional cricket experience may contest (NA - Not Allowed)
Ranji Trophy - NA Duleep Trophy - NA
Irani Trophy - NA Deodhar Trophy - NA
NKP Salve Trophy - NA Vijay Hazare Trophy - NA
BCCI Corporate Trophy - NA Kanga League ABCD - NA
Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy - NA Times Shield ABCD - NA
India Premier League(IPL) - NA Inter State T20 Championship, etc - NA
Kanga League (EFGH) - (gap of 5 seasons) Times Shield (EF) - (gap of 5 seasons)
Exceptions (2/Team)
Kanga Knockouts - Allowed
Kanga (DEFG) - Allowed
Times (DEF) - Allowed
Kanga (ABC) - Two players allowed / Team - Gap of 7 seasons
Times (ABC) - Two players allowed / Team - Gap of 7 seasons
Please Note:
  • Teams with any objections to other squads will have to communicate the same 10 days prior to the commencement of the tournament.
  • Player replacement is allowed only 4 times in the whole season.
  • The base price for all the exception players would be INR 35,000/- + 18% GST.
  • Any player who has played even one ball/match/innings also in the NA category will not be allowed to play in this tournament.
  • A player who has been part of the squad but not played any games in the NA category will not be allowed to play the tournament.
  • Captains are responsible to pick the team as per player eligibility. Any player found ineligible will not be allowed to play and the team will face a penalty. Penalty: All the points for the tournament will be docked and would go back to "0".
  • Any team who has an issue will send a written complain to Sportobuddy, post that Sportobuddy will investigate and take the appropriate actions as per the rules.
  • Any kind of Bettings during the Sportobuddy tournament will not be tolerated. Any team/team member found doing so would result in the entire team being suspended from ACC immediately.
  • Sportobuddy to nominate 3 Captains along with their team as anti corruption team. This team will have 5 members. Any incident of foul play would be investigated by this team and that team would be suspended till the investigation is done. This anti-corruption team would be active from Anchor Premier League 2018.