My Father My Anchor Rules

My Father My Anchor:

Participating Teams 24
Format Test T-20
Groups 4
Teams/Group 6
Matches / Team Minimum 5 Matches
Team Roster of 16-20 Players (To be submitted by 15th March 2019)
Batting Best 12 to Bat (11 Wickets)
Bowling Best 11 to Bowl and Field
Power Play Overs Over 1 to 3 (1st Innings) & Over 11 to 13(2nd Innings)
Time for Each Match 40-45 Minutes/ Innings
Break Between Inns 5 Minutes
Break Between Match 7 Minutes
Ball White Leather
Umpire 2 On Field Umpires
Live Scoring On the Sportobuddy App with Live Video
Live Video Coverage YouTube – Sportobuddy Network

League Rounds >> Quarter Finals >> Semi-Finals >> Finals

Total Number of Matches 68
Selection Criteria for Qualifiers Top 2 teams from each group after League Rounds
Total Overs / Innings Total 4 Innings / Match, 10 Overs each / Team
10 Over in each innings to be bowled from one bowling side and to be changed in the next Innings.
Team bowling first can decide the side from where they bowl first. (First 10 Overs)Combination would be 10 : 20 : 10 for the sides.
Selection Criteria for QF/SF (After Challenger Round 1. There would be 2 teams from each group for Quarter Finals
2. There would be 4 Quarter Final Matches
3. There would be 2 Semi Final Matches
4. There would be 2 Finals (Championship & 3rd Position) 5. If there is a tie in point then NRR would be considered for the qualification
6. If there is a tie with NRR also then the team who has beaten the other team in the league round will qualify for Quarter Finals.
Quarter Finals and Semi Finals draws are undone and new draws would be made by chit picking on the last day of the league match.

League Round Match Points

Win 3 Points
Bonus Point +1 Point (Team winning with the gap 30 Runs)
OR +1 Point (Team winning by 7 wickets)
+2 Points (Team winning by Innings)
Follow – on Follow on can be imposed on the opponent if there is a gap of 50 Runs and more. This is completely at the discretion of the Captain whose team is leading
Tie (League Matches) 2 Points to each team
Tie (QF/SF/F) Super Over
Walkover 3+1 Points to the other Team, -1 to the team giving walkover
Player Eligibility 3+1 Points to the other Team, - 2 to the team who has cheated / made a mistake


Other Rules

  • Sportobuddy will be continuously be in touch with the umpires to make sure the innings are completed within 40~45 minutes for each inning of 10 Overs. The decision of whether the team has caused the delay or not will be decided solely by the umpires present on the field. 
  • In case of slow over rate the Umpires will take a final call on whether there was any interference by the batting team which caused the bowling team to delay their completion the overs.
  • If both the teams don’t start the match as per the schedule than the match overs for both the teams would be reduced proportionately so the next match is not effected.
  • Minimum 9 players are needed to start the match from each team, any team coming late beyond the match starting time would lose overs from their batting quota. (1 Over for every 4 minutes delay beyond the start of the match timing). If the team is late beyond 30 minutes beyond the match starting time then the opposite team would win the match by walk over. Walk Over points are mentioned in the slide 3. If the team is 20 minutes late then the team would lose 5 overs from their batting quota. ( i.e. 4 minutes / over lost from the start of the match timing). Match will not start without 9 players on the field for both the teams.
  • Any team giving walkover would lose 400 points from their qualification table for league matches, 700 points for Quarter Finals, 1000 points for Semi Finals and 1500 points for Bronze or Championship Finals.
  • Any team’s 10th 11th 12th player who is coming late should report to the ground before the end of the 5th over of the 1st innings from the 4 inning which is going to be played in MFMA format. (Only 10th 11th and 12th players would be accommodated in this).
  • No rescheduling requests from the teams would be entertained once the tournament starts. Sportobuddy can change the schedule in case of unavoidable circumstance and captains would be informed about the rescheduled timing and dates.
  • If the player is injured then captain should make sure his player comes out of the field and meets the physio immediately in the dugout to avoid time loss.
  • 1st Innings Penalty
    The bowling team needs to complete the allotted 10 overs even if they cross the allotted time limit. In this case, the team batting second will face a penalty of the extra time taken to complete their allotted 10 overs as follows: 4 extra mins = 1 over penalty e.g. Team bowling first takes 49 minutes to complete 10 overs. Here, they will get to bat 1 over less i.e. 9 overs to chase the target / take a lead.
  • Second Innings Penalty:
    Last innings will stop at the time allotted for that innings and accordingly penalty will be applied to the bowling team. Penalty for slow over rate will be average run scored in the inning + 10 runs for every over bowled short. e.g. Team bowling second finishes 19 overs in allotted time. In this case, the innings will stop and the batting team will get penalty runs as follows Penalty Runs Calculation is Average runs scored by the team batting second + 10 runs per over.
  • Any player misbehaving with the Sportobuddy Staff / Umpires would be given Red Card immediately and would be suspended for one next match.
  • Any player found smoking inside the boundary rope i.e. the playing field would be suspended immediately from the league.
  • Captains have to make sure that the discipline and proper decorum is followed by him as well as his players on the field.
  • YouTube streaming is only for entertainment / viewing purpose and not for DRS or decision reviews. Umpires' decisions are considered as final.
  • In case of eligibility of players the opposite team would get 3+1 points and match would be nullified and the NRR/Scores would also be made zero.
  • A Bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 overs per innings. (2 in each Innings)
  • At the instant of a delivery, there may not be more than 5 fieldsmen on the legside.
  • Not more than 2 fielders behind the popping crease on the leg side
  • For the first 3 Overs of Powerplay in each innings of 10 overs, two fielders are permitted to be outside the field restriction even if there are 9 to 10 players in the squad.
  • If the match is curtailed then the umpires would decide the number of overs for the powerplay / innings. In case of slow over rate penalty the powerplay overs would not be reduced for the batting team.
  • For the remaining overs, minimum 4 fielders must be inside the field restriction area (this does not include the wicketkeeper & bowler)
  • In the event of an infringement of above mentioned field restriction rules, the umpire shall call and signal No Ball.
  • In matter of doubts/issues/queries not covered by the tournament rules, the decision of the organizing committee present on the ground will be final and binding upon all concerned as per the standard rule. Sportobuddy reserves the rights to all decisions pertaining to any issues/concerns raised during and after the tournament. 
  • Captains to make sure that the squad is selected as per the eligibility criteria mentioned as below:
    • Participants must be aged 29 years and above. (as on 22nd March 2019)
    • Every team must have a roster of between 16~20 players.
    • Teams must have a Captain, Vice-Captain and Team Manager.
    • Only those with no prior professional cricket experience may contest (NA - Not Allowed)
    • Sportobuddy trusts and expects the captains to do the thorough check on the eligibility criteria of their players only.
    • Team List to be submitted by Team Captain / Team Manager and duly signed by them as per format given by Sportobuddy.
    • Only those players whose name is submitted in the Team list would be eligible to play.
    • All the players mentioned in the team sheet must to show their identification to the Sportobuddy Management before the match starts.
    • The Team Captain / Team Manager must submit id proofs and age proof documents before the start of the tournament and every match.
    • Captains to make sure that their team is made as per the eligibility and its their responsibility
    • 15th March 2019 is the last day to submit the squad for My Father My Anchor (If not submitted, APL squad will be the final one for MFMA)
  • After all the checks also if a player is found who is not eligible than:
    • Then the official complain has to be done to Sportobuddy with the valid proofs
    • The accused team will get half a day to put their counter on the above for the player’s eligibility
    • If proved that the player is not eligible than the player would be removed from ACC immediately
    • The team would lose the match’s points with bonus to the opposition and also would get -2 points in their tally
    • All the matches the team has played would be nullified and would given as a walk over to the other team
    • When the matches are nullified the NRR also would be nullified for all the matches
    • If the team with the non eligible players loses to the other team then the NRR would stay, only the bonus point would be awarded to the winning team.
    • If any such instance is concluded and proven guilty then the Captain of the team would face the suspension for next 2 matches
    • If Captain has any doubt on a player and if he is not sure of him then he should not make him play

Note :

  • Sportobuddy will not be responsible for any loss/damage/injury occurring during the tournament or after the tournament. A first aid kit will be provided at the venue but in case of a player needing immediate medical attention, all medical expenses will have to be borne by the player. Under no circumstances, the organizers will be held liable for any such expenses. 
  • Sportobuddy will not be responsible for any personal/material loss during the tournament or after the tournament.
  • Sportobuddy is not responsible for the cancellation or postponement of the matches/tournament due to any unforeseen/natural circumstances that may be beyond control.
  • Request for the postponement and/or shifting of matches shall not be entertained.
  • Sportobuddy believes in sporting fun along with safety of all the players, we urge you to use the best of your helmets and guards which is prescribed by your coaches and team consultants.
  • Sportobuddy will not be responsible for any personal/material loss or theft during the tournaments or after the tournaments.
  • If any team walks out of the ground for whatsoever reasons without the umpire’s consent, it will be deemed that the team has forfeited the game and points with bonus will be given to the opposite team.
  • Team playing in the entire tournament with a true sportsman spirit will be awarded with the Fair Play Award. Decision of Umpires and the organizing committee will be the final one in this regard.
  • In matter of doubts/issues/queries not covered by the tournament rules, the decision of the Organizing committee present on the ground will be final and binding upon all concerned as per the standard rule.
  • Sportobuddy reserves the rights to all decisions pertaining to any issues/concerns raised during and after the tournament.